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Resting Bitch Face

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by fingerwitch

So I guess it's probably time to admit that OFaS will probably never walk again. That being said I am working on a new webcomic called TombMates about the riveting personal lives of vampires and witches and other things of that nature. It will be similar to Out Fer a Smoke in the art style and the sense of humour, but will have a more defined plot arch, and probably a lot more violence/nudity/et cetera. I haven't hammered down an update schedule that works for me yet, but if TombMates sounds like something that interests you, the first ten pages are over here.

If you can't wade through the oceans of time between updates, you can also listen to me talk on the podcast I cohost with Zack Long, Paths of Glory. We talk about movies. It is funny.