Out Fer a Smoke tells the story of Joss Harding, a cranky young woman who enjoys tormenting everyone around her; Lee Morris, a confused and disillusioned man on the verge of an existential crisis, and the walking antidepressant they share a house with, Carrie MacPhail. That's the basic gist of it anyway, but in case you were feeling intimidated by the large cast and backlog of pages, I've summed all that shit up for you here.


Lee's best childhood friend, Kevin from Hamilton, came down east to visit. Joss and Lee dragged him to a Halloween party where he met the entity known as Pandora - possibly insane, possibly a monster, definitely obssessed with knitting - who took a fancy to him. Despite Joss' warnings, Kevin went home with Pandora and was nearly killed by her swarm of spiders. Thoroughly traumatized by the experience, Kevin fled back to Ontario never to return.


Carrie learned that her beloved aunt Ruth, by whom she was practically raised, died of cancer. She headed off to Cape Breton for the wake, leaving Joss and Lee to contemplate their dissatisfying relationships with Damien (the dorky vampire wannabe) and Marie (the aggressive metal enthusiast), respectively. When Carrie returned, she announced that she had been left a small sum of money by her late aunt, which she and Joss proceeded to spend on a lavish party, neglecting to invite Lee and creating a rift between them.


Then Joss' estranged, hippy mother, Rosaline showed up unexpectedly, throwing Joss into a fit of irritation. Rosaline quickly befriended Lee and Damien, much to Joss' chagrin, making a nuisance of herself until Joss finally stood up to her and sent her back to her home in the Valley. Shortly afterward, Lee confessed that he had, in fact, had sex with Rosaline. Joss and Carrie kicked him out of the house, forcing him to stay with his old friend, Giselle, and her cranky boyfriend, Luther.


Lee and Joss eventually made up and renewed their friendship, but Lee had been given time to think about his relationship with Marie and decided to call it quits. Joss, following suit, tried to dump Damien with middling success. After many attempts she finally convinced Damien that it was ver between them, and then she proceeded to start serial-dating every other man in the Universe.


Joss was invited to the wedding of her ex, Marcus, who she still had feelings for. Not wanting to go alone, she brought Lee as her fake date. Hilarity ensues.


Lee just managed to get a date with Tara, a girl he puked on at a Halloween party and who has been popping up in his life ever since. Meanwhile, Mell, a woman Carrie went to Dal with, has just moved in to the house as their new roommate.

So now you're at least sort of up to speed, have at 'er!