Comic 350 - Still Single - Page 1

8th Mar 2012, 1:15 PM
Still Single - Page 1
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fingerwitch 8th Mar 2012, 1:15 PM edit delete
Holy crap you guys I am so sick it's not even funny. So the next couple of pages were made in a haze of snot and tylenol or something. I am not responsible for the quality or lack thereof.

Anyway, I think Giselle has finally lost her shit. She didn't used to talk like that. Also, dontcha just hate motherfuckers who talk about nothing but their shitty music? It doesn't fucking matter! Ninety percent of the arguments I had with my ex were about music (he likes ACDC, I like Toby Keith...) and for what? Christ.

Moving on, I had my scanner set to scan in grayscale because I was scanning something else and forgot to set it back to scan in colour. Anyway, I kinda like the look of the pages in grayscale but I also like them in colour so... there's a magical poll below! Decide what I do! Come on, you know you want to! And feel free to elaborate in the comics.

To conclude, tomorrow is my mother's 51st birthday (this is my mother). So happy birthday mother! here's a picture of a dude fighting a jellyfish!


Effigy_Power 8th Mar 2012, 8:56 PM edit delete reply
"You've probably never heard of them..." is usually followed by a punch to the frontal lobe.
Also shame on you for covering Giselle's Tay-tays with speech bubbles and for the fact that your country is so cold.
Otherwise this is actually a great page. I recommend a constant regiment of Tylenol.
fingerwitch 9th Mar 2012, 2:58 AM edit delete reply
Thanks! Welcome back and welcome to the land where it always snows! You do realize I am never going to stop razzing you with jokes about Canuckistan, yeah? That being said, for you I will take tylenol until my liver calls it quits (or whateverthefuck happens when you take too much tylenol).

"You've probably never heard of them" is usually referring to something I don't want to hear of, especially if it's uttered by some douchenozzle with plastic fangs. Not that that's ever happened to me...

Also there will be some epic boob-crack on the next page and/or the page after. Just so ya know.

... I missed you.
Lunamy 4th Apr 2012, 3:39 AM edit delete reply
"especially if it's uttered by some douchenozzle with plastic fangs. Not that that's ever happened to me..."

It did happen to me.
It was not enjoyable.