Comic 323 - The Wedding Part III - The Reception - Page 10

18th Dec 2011, 3:15 AM
The Wedding Part III - The Reception - Page 10
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Author Notes:

fingerwitch 18th Dec 2011, 3:15 AM edit delete
It's sad to admit but I do have a finite amount of patience. I wanted to make this page look good, I really did, but apparently I can only do nine pages of one thing before getting totally bored and just wanting it to fucking be over.

Ten pages was really too much for this particular story but I just didn't want to cut it down. So you get a shitty last page. Sorry. Anyway, that got all the ambitiousness out of me. Back to one pagers. Yay!

Mondo Mixtape, sixty pages of sex and deliciousness, still on sale for your reading pleasure.
fingerwitch 18th Dec 2011, 3:20 AM edit delete
Furthermore, my sketchbook of several years is available for your perusal on the face book here. You don't have to be a member to look at it.


ThornsInOurSide 18th Dec 2011, 10:38 AM edit delete reply
Leaving?! But Lee was doing so well, he could have gotten some for sure!
fingerwitch 18th Dec 2011, 3:05 PM edit delete reply
The closer Lee gets to poontang, the closer he gets to getting punched in the face. Repeatedly.
ThornsInOurSide 18th Dec 2011, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
But getting punched in the face only encourages him! Okay, maybe I'm talking about myself right now.
Effigy_Power 19th Dec 2011, 9:07 AM edit delete reply
Yay. Closure.
Mind you, is closure as nice as the self-loathing you get from dirty, dirty sex with someone you don't even like?
fingerwitch 19th Dec 2011, 11:09 AM edit delete reply
... yes? I think so? Now I am in doubt.