Comic 232 - Not Dating - Page 2

26th Jul 2010, 5:18 AM
Not Dating - Page 2
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fingerwitch 26th Jul 2010, 5:18 AM edit delete
I'm sort of torn on the whole guy-girl friendship issue. On the one hand, I have lots of male friends who I'm not remotely interested in. On the other hand, I have to make a point of stating that so clearly there has to be some potential for interest. And even if I'm not strictly 'interested' in a guy it doesn't stop me from having the occasional thought about them.

Although I don't really waste time worrying about it.


ThornsInOurSide 26th Jul 2010, 5:52 AM edit delete reply
I think Lee is gay. And so are you, Andrea...
Lunamy 26th Jul 2010, 6:17 AM edit delete reply
yes.luther and him are soulmates. they totally should elope and start a new life together :D
Shaman 26th Jul 2010, 6:19 AM edit delete reply
A guy and a girl can't be "just friends" especially after the guy screwed the girl's mother. It's in the geneva convention, look it up.

Oh and fantasizing about people you are not attracted to is also in it. If you've never done it, you're not breathing as we speak. It's just common sense after all.
Effigy_Power 26th Jul 2010, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
The solution is being gay.
Takes the sexual pressure out... well, actually it only takes one sides sexual pressure out. So preferably both would have to be gay.
Ferix 26th Jul 2010, 12:32 PM edit delete reply
I have nothing to say about this comic but felt obliged to comment along with the rating >_>

fingerwitch 27th Jul 2010, 10:50 AM edit delete reply
Thorns - That would explain my aversion to men.

Luna - agreed, that would be hawt.

Shaman - Yeah.

Eff - Yeah I dunno I have tons of hot female friends and yet...

Ferix - Thanks brother, keep on rockin.