Comic 167 - A Distraction - Page 7

15th Apr 2010, 11:15 AM
A Distraction - Page 7
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fingerwitch 15th Apr 2010, 11:42 AM edit delete
Steve is apparently at the end of his shift. Poor Steve. And, for those of you who have never seen Canadian currency, that is what our two dollar coin (or "Toonie" as we call it here) looks like. I drew this from a toonie I had in my pocket so it is SUPER ACCURATE. In fact, if I put that picture in a coke machine it would probably give me a coke. Yeeah. Oh yeah and "fuckin eh" is like "fuckin a" for Canadians (more specifically, people from Ontario or "inlanders" as we call them here. I have noticed that people from round these parts don't say 'eh' all that much. I do but I picked it up from people from Ontario).

Anyways, there you have it! Seven pages of random crap I wasn't even going to show to you because it's kinda shitty. Still, I spent pretty much my whole Easter weekend working on this piece of shit (I am slow I guess) so I figured I should at least put it up. Yay.


Guy Incognito 15th Apr 2010, 1:05 PM edit delete reply
Guy Incognito
I love Canadian coins so much! You guys have the best coin designs, beavers, geese, mooses, polar bears, it's like a menagerie. We have nothing like that south of the border, just a bunch of white guys and buildings.

Also, "get me a coffee motherfucker" sounds like a hip new catch-phrase if ever I heard one.
Shaman 15th Apr 2010, 3:15 PM edit delete reply
Holy Schnikey, update overload!!! I'm lovin' it :))

And i don't give a damn how little choices the menu has, Murder Burger sounds AWESOME!!! Fuckin'... EH!!! But i'm in the Nation's Capital and we seriously don't say "eh"... ever. I thought only newfees said that? And i'll vouch for the accurateness of your toonie representation, I got one in my pocket that looks just like it!

Woah nelly do i fuckin' hate moles!!! I'm a freckle addict that hates moles... i'll need to get that fixed eventually. But yeah... moles... hate'em... hate'em more than Lee without his white contacs!!! GRRRRRRR!!!
fingerwitch 16th Apr 2010, 10:41 AM edit delete reply
Guy - Well, we got some old broad on the backs of all our coins. Actually, if the coins are of a certain vintage, she's pretty hot.

Shaman - Really? The only guy I know who says 'eh' a lot is from Ontario. Weird. Anyways, I don't really like moles either, although I have seen people with some pretty cute moles. I dunno.
mathias42 22nd Mar 2012, 8:37 PM edit delete reply
I've heard of a loony, but never a toony.

Why don't you people have real names for your money!?!?!?!
fingerwitch 25th Mar 2012, 7:16 PM edit delete reply
What do you mean "you people"?