Comic 134 - Joss' Mother Part I - Page 3

15th Mar 2010, 9:11 AM
Joss' Mother Part I - Page 3
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fingerwitch 15th Mar 2010, 9:11 AM edit delete
And it's all on one side of the page. Sort of a... one sided... conversation... hah... hahaha... God I'm hilarious. Mmyep, it takes me a really long time to do my lettering so this page took a while. Hard on the hands too. Not that I'm complaining or nothing. I really like the way it looks and I don't mind doing it. I'm just sayin. I should start doing finger stretches again. One advantage I guess to doing lettering on the computer is that if you spell something wrong you can fix it without looking like a total jackass (note that I used the wrong 'you're' and only sort of fixed it). Then again I would have more typos because my keyboard sucks and I would be safe in the knowledge that I could fix it.

I guess that's the thing I really like about doing all this stuff by hand - if I fuck it up, well, it's fucked and I feel bad, but the times that it does work out really well I have the satisfaction of knowing that it was all me.