Comic 132 - Joss' Mother Part I - Page 1

15th Mar 2010, 9:11 AM
Joss' Mother Part I - Page 1
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fingerwitch 15th Mar 2010, 9:11 AM edit delete
It just occurred to me that I don't actually have to wait around and upload this on Monday night when I get home from work - I can upload it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. Cooooool. So anyways, this is Andrea speaking to you from yesterday. I'm baking pies! Yay!

And HEY! It's Joss' mom. Remember Joss' mom? She's aged a lot in the last six years... I kinda got distracted and forgot how old she was supposed to be. I think she's maybe around fifty five but she looks a helluvalot older in this comic... I dunno.