Comic 127 - Filler Art 1

9th Mar 2010, 3:02 PM
Filler Art 1
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fingerwitch 9th Mar 2010, 3:02 PM edit delete
Okay, so, yesterday;s comic isn't finished yet, due to work, tiredness and stuff like that. I have to feed myself sometimes. I'm going to have it done for Thursday I think, thus skipping a day and fucking my update schedule but whatever. I'll catch up eventually. Anywho, since I said I would, here's a random character sketch. Marie was the only one I could find so there you have 'er.

The way I had originally sketched her out in a comic I never finished titled 'Significant Other Part Two' she looked a lot more like Stephanie - pigtails, et cetera - but then I gave her more of an industrial look. As you can probably tell, I do not spend a lot of time sketching out my characters ahead of time. This was the first time I drew her this way, the second time was in a comic. So yeah.

The writing on the side is her family history. Sometimes I like to know that sort of thing about people, particularly if they have lots of siblings. Go figure.


Guy Incognito 9th Mar 2010, 3:31 PM edit delete reply
Guy Incognito
I love the new style, it looks great! Glad to have you back, I need my fix:)
Effigy_Power 9th Mar 2010, 9:19 PM edit delete reply
That's ok. If you see my filler for tomorrow... you'll feel good about yourself.