Comic 119 - Fan Art by Baladeva

15th Feb 2010, 1:46 PM
Fan Art by Baladeva
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fingerwitch 15th Feb 2010, 1:46 PM edit delete
As promised, fan art from the lovely Baladeva. Why not visit his comic? You willnae be disappointed. And if you are, well then fuck you. I'm in a fightin mood tonight. Anywho, I like this drawing. Itmakes Joss look really pretty. So thanks to Baladeva. Woo!

I'm going to be going to my hometown of Halifax (also the city in which this comic is set, incidentally) next week. So I'm going to try to build up some stuff for then so I can update but I ain't promising nothing. In retrospect I probably should have saved the guest comics for next week... but retrospect is for nostalgic fools. I prefer to charge blindly into the future. Yeah, just givin y'all the heads up.