Pandora in RPGeneric
by fingerwitch


Pandora made a cameo in RPGeneric today. It is a rad comic. You should check it out. Now. Don't even read the rest of this post, it's boring anyway.


And for those of you who chose to disobey me... the power cord on my laptop is fucked. My brother ordered a replacement but I have a feeling it is coming from Seattle so, you know, it has to come all the way across the continent and then over the border and shit so I dunno how long it'll take. Hopefully less than a week. I have Monday's comic almost finished, and I do all my scanning on my mother's computer anyway HOWEVER my scripts are on the laptop so I don't have access to them. I can sort of remember what is going to happen in upcoming comics and can piece it together but I;m not guaranteeing anything.

So yeah, that's what's happening now.